Rose Bud Tattoo

Bleeding Rose Tattoo Design by ravenkiokoshietu Rose Bud Tattoo
Rose Bud Tattoo


The red rose is for love, courage, beauty, respect and romance. A red rose bud tattoo also shows purity and loveliness. The rose design has many accepted traditional meanings that are applied to the body art design by association. It has become the ultimate floral symbol on account of its unmatched fragrance and beauty. A red rose is also a symbol of martyrdom. It is associated with Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. A rose tattoo is sometimes worn in honor of a passed loved one. If you want to have a rose tattoo, It’s important to know the meaning behind the rose colors.

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anjitat5 Rose Bud Tattoo

rosetat102 Rose Bud Tattoo
Rose Bud Tattoo


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